Sunday, April 15, 2012

one year old

wow. that flew by. i never understand what people meant when they said 'they grow up so fast' i felt like growing up took f o r e v e r. we have been sooo busy, and i feel like i have just been busy chasing baby e {which is such a good thing, i wouldn't have it any other way} so lets catch up as best we can

e is -
basically running
trying so hard to talk
saying momma, mom, dad, dada, and papa
finally drinking out of a zippy
eating everything
such a ham
a giggly happy boy
a climber
a daredevil
very curious
still wearing some 9mo pants and 12mo tops
still fighting sleep {as i type this is happening}

i love when he wraps is arms around my neck and gives me a snuggle, usually very short and always on easton's terms but fantastic nonetheless. easton gives sloppy wet open mouth kisses, love those too. he is a copy cat, he will attempt to mimic almost everything you do. we are working on peek-a-boo. he understands a few signs - more, all done/finished, and eat. we are working on thank you, sorry {e started biting his little friends so i figured sorry would be an important sign} and no. i am pretty sure he has a clear grasp of what he should and shouldn't be doing and looks at you and shake his head no as he is reaching to do it. e's favorite foods are still sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and he LOVES yogurt. he is super attached lately, good to feel loved but would be nice to pee alone. all four top front teeth are coming in and he is teething like a champ if you ask me. he has started at the little gym and is learning so much from it.

easton is such wonderful boy. i love getting to know him and watching his personality develop. there is nothing better than being his mom, its hard, exhausting, and frustrating at times but all it takes is one smile and that infectious giggle and nothing else matters.

happy birthday

Sunday, January 15, 2012

nine months old. yikes!

e is nine months old.
he is getting so big so fast. 

he used to lay down and play on the crinkly doctor paper, not anymore he was wiggling and trying to escape.

he looks like a giant in the baby scale! i wanted to cry a little bit because the scale used to look so big compared to him.

the doctor said he looks great and is growing along the curve.
he weighed in at 20lbs 10oz and is 28.5 inches tall he's my giant baby. 

these days easton is:
* crawling like a champ
* more curious than curious george
* loving food and has a well rounded variety of fruits and veggies he loves, current fav is the pumpkin banana combo
* pulling up on everything, couch, chair, coffee table, walls, baby gate, baskets {he is so close to walking}
* sticking his tongue out and blowing spit everywhere
* a dancing fool, anything with a beat gets his hips movin' and groovin'
* sort of waving good bye, its irresistibly cute
* attempting to mimic sounds and mouth movements, you  have to maintain his attention first
* S C R E A M I N G during diaper changes and when changing his clothes.
* still not sleeping through the night, but the doctor has assured me that its gonna get better and that not all babies sleep through the night.

we are working on getting on a little bit of a schedule, we have a morning nap usually after breakfast and are working on nailing down that afternoon nap. e is such joy and brightens every room he is in, you just can't help but smile at his silly faces and dancing moves.

wow it  has been a cray {'cray' is what the cool kids are saying for crazy these days} week. one of my goals this year was a weekly blog update along with more organization. well life happens and i missed the first week of the year.

this week started out normal enough, it was the week that we were going to get on schedule and finally recover from the holidays and new year, and then mom went to the ER and was admitted into the hospital and will have been there for a week tomorrow. thankfully it was nothing major or life threatening, just very painful for mom and super stressful for all of us. hopefully she will be home tomorrow afternoon. despite all of this, we have been so blessed with love, support, and prayers. it has been a v e r y l o n g week. 

after 5 days of being cooped up mom finally felt up to going on a little stroll, we took her down to the 'healing garden' it was pretty overcast and a little chilly, but so nice to be outdoors.

one of those windows is moms room

we are so thankful that mom is healing well and will be home soon.

heres to next week being the week we get back on track!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas eve

Christmas Eve

as with christmas eve tradition we spent the evening at nana and papa's. naturally we had garcia's and it was so yummy! we had a white elephant gift exchange, the hot item this year was an actual in-in-out burger, yuck!



wiggle worm.

i think this was a sneeze.cry.laugh situation.

ALL the cousins, such a rarity, glad we get together at least once a year...

dad time.

the kids with the kid.

Ward Christmas partaay

we had a lovely christmas party. i wish i would have taken more pictures, it was beautifully decorated. the program was very uplifting, it was the perfect way to kick off the christmas season. and of course santa was there. easton did pretty well until he realized he was with a bearded stranger, but we got a couple good shots. 

It began to look a lot like Christmas

we put off getting a christmas tree until auntie got home, then we decided to go on the first full day she was home. well as life happens we ended up going to a GCU women's basketball game to watch milee coach and after we were done the tree lot was closed. well we made the best of the situation  and eyeballed a good tree through the fence and us girls went the next day to get it. we of course took easton with us for his first tree picking experience. 

he is kinda giving kisses, they are open mouthed and he usually just ends up banging his mouth on your cheek. its cute though and we count it as a kiss.

easton was helping pick the tree

just a glimpse of our christmas decor, those stars are my FAVORITE and i am so so bummed i didn't buy more. 

after tree shopping he was exhausted and fell asleep instantly. i love his sleeping face.

Such a busy boy

oh easton! he is so much fun, i love watching him discover his surroundings. on this particular night i was trying to get dinner made and he was determined to be in the kitchen too. so i took the glass containers out and let him go to town with the plastics, mostly lids, but just as fun. he also is a magnet to the dishwasher, he loves to pull him self up and bang on the dishes.